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Gummy Manufacturing Machines

Jellies and gummies of any texture – from soft pectin jellies to chewy gelatin gummy bears – can be made economically and to a high quality with the Baker Perkins’ starch-free ServoForm™ depositing process. This range of high output, continuous depositing systems is hygienic and capable of validation for all types of functional, medicated and pharmaceutical confectionery.

With increasing demand for jelly and gummy sweets, you can easily scale-up your production with Baker Perkins and our commercial gummy making machines. We provide ongoing support and advice and have a dedicated confectionery innovation centre to help you create and update your recipes. With the capacity to add a wide range of ingredients, your business can deliver original confectionery products that sell.

Learn more about our gummy manufacturing equipment below. To find out more about our machines, get in touch to speak to a representative.

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Jelly & Gummies Typical Production Line


This gummy making machine weighs and mixes up to 16 dry and liquid confectionery ingredients into a homogeneous slurry. Individual ingredients are fed via a weigh hopper into the mixer and mixed during the fill cycle to produce a consistent slurry. Batches are fed from the Autofeed mixing tank to two reservoir tanks to facilitate a continuous feed to the cooker.

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Turbofilm™ Cooker

A plate pack heat exchanger dissolves sugar and hydrates the starch. The product passes to a jet cooker which subjects the flow of candy to a sudden drop in pressure.

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Colour / Flavour Addition

This jelly candy machine incorporates colours and flavours into the cooked syrup via a gravity split feed system. Each colouring and flavouring system is specified to match the level of automation required by the customer and the characteristics of the depositing system.

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ServoForm™ Jelly Depositor

Syrup is deposited at final moisture into silicone or metal moulds, then cooled. Products are deposited at final solids, so no drying is required. 3D jellies are deposited into clip-in moulds that allow rapid, low-cost product changes.

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Gummy Manufacturing Equipment

There are many commercial gummy making machines to choose from with Baker Perkins and they can all be combined together to make a high quality gummy production line.

The Autofeed is a fully automatic, high-accuracy gummy making machine. Easily weigh and mix up to eight dry and liquid confectionery ingredients and feed any cooker in Baker Perkins’ range. Up to 20 different recipes can be pre-programmed and stored.

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The Microfilm™ Cooker blends industry-standard process technologies with a modular design to create high-efficiency continuous cooking systems for virtually any type of sugar or sugar-free confectionery. Learn more about this commercial gummy candy machine.

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Baker Perkins’ modular systems for incorporating colours and flavours into hard and soft confectionery help to create attractive, tasty and innovative end products. This gummy maker machine has accurate metering ensures consistent product quality and cuts costs by avoiding excess addition.

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Finish off your gummy production line with the Baker Perkins‘ ServoForm™ Jelly depositors deliver the highest levels of jelly and gummy quality. Its ability to produce solid, striped, layered and filled confectionery in either 2D or 3D formats opens up new avenues for creative product development.

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Gummy & Jelly Varieties 

Our jelly candy machines can make a range of gummy and jelly candy from functional gummies, to ones made with pectin rather than gelatin for vegetarian options.

Functional Medicated Jellies & Gummies

Medicated Jellies & Gummies

With an ever-increasing demand for medicated gummies, we can help you create a high-output production line suitable for all nutraceutical gummies, including vitamin-based chewable candy.

Gelatin Gummies

Gelatin Gummies

We can help you perfect the classic gummy bear recipe and much more with our efficient manufacturing equipment. Traditional gelatin gummies have always been a firm favourite in the confectionery market.

Pectin & Carrageenan Jellies

Pectin & Carrageenan Jellies

Pectin based jellies are an ideal alternative to gelatin. Made from plant-based ingredients, those following a vegan diet can still enjoy the soft or chewy texture of all their favourite jellies. With vegan diets increasing in popularity, you can increase your customer base.

Fruit Snakcs & Pectins

Three-Dimensional Jellies & Gummies

To offer a more varied and fun selection of jellies and gummies, our confectionery manufacturing equipment enables the production of three-dimensional shapes with a variety of colours and flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Baker Perkins commercial gummy making machines, you can easily manufacture a wide range of products. From traditional gummy bears to chewy nutraceutical sweets, there’s scope to produce almost any jelly or gummy-based confectionery.

If you’re looking to produce gummy bears or candy, it’s recommended that you choose a starch-free depositing process. This ensures maximum hygiene and no cross contamination. Browse our gummy making machines above.

For mass production of gummy sweets, you don’t just need the right equipment, you also need the right advice. We deliver both by pairing your business with a dedicated representative. Accuracy, efficiency and flexibility can all be achieved with our high-output ServoForm™ and Microfilm™ manufacturing equipment. Contact us today to find out more about our commercial gummy candy machines.

In short, pectin is vegetarian, whereas gelatin isn’t. Pectin is an ideal vegan alternative to gelatin, meaning you can serve-up confectionery to meet all dietary requirements.

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