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Cost-effective, flexible systems We provide a wide range of food extrusion equipment for use in many industries.
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Extrusion is a dynamic process with an expanding application base. Baker Perkins are leading food extruder manufacturers.

Texturised Vegetable Protein (TVP) meat replacements, fillers and extenders have been added to a capability that covers a great variety of snack and cereal foods – from basic to high-value, in diverse shapes such as pillows, tubes, bars and wafers – to food ingredients such as breadcrumbs, croutons and flours.

Our range of food extruder machines fit into your production lines with ease.

If a product can be made by extrusion, it is almost certainly the most cost-effective method.

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Our Food Extrusion Equipment

With low running costs, minimal waste and fast changeovers, extrusion is an attractive process for manufacturers.

Companies of all types and sizes use our food extrusion technology, from new market entrants to established multi-nationals. As business expands, systems can be extended to make a full portfolio of high specification, added-value products.

Complete systems are based around Baker Perkins’ SBX Master™ twin-screw extruder. Special dies and cutters, co-extrusion equipment, dryers, fryers, ovens and coolers can be added to form versatile plants.

This modular Snack Master™ concept enables a line to be extended with additional process units to broaden a range from standard direct expanded products to multi-component premium foods, specialist lines such as TVP, and ingredients.

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Systems and Services for Extruded Foods and Ingredients

World class innovation, technology and support

Our Lifetime Support concept ensures that we provide aftermarket support throughout the working life of any food extruder machine. That includes parts and servicing, inspections and fault finding, major repairs, rebuilds and upgrades to improve line performance and extend life. Baker Perkins are leading food processing equipment providers.

We continuously develop equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership. Many developments are available as upgrades for existing machinery – often, original machine performance can be exceeded, and service life given a worthwhile extension.

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