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Confectionery manufacturing equipment from Baker Perkins includes world-class starch-free depositing systems which enable seamless production of a wide range of products.

Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ starch-free depositing systems can combine up to four components into a single candy in a range of different patterns. Centre-fillings, multi-colours, stripes, layers, inclusions, sugar-free and sugar options are all available to bring variety and eye-catching appeal to the marketplace.

Some of our popular products include jellies and gummies and medicated gummies made with our gummy manufacturing equipment.

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Our Commercial Candy Making Equipment

Baker Perkins’ commercial food making equipment includes flexible, small batch production systems and high output continuous lines.

Lower output and laboratory-scale cookers and depositors are ideal for short runs of confectionery. They’re also suitable for producing batches for product development and test marketing purposes. Alternatively, you can visit our Innovation Centre in Peterborough to find the perfect bespoke candy making solution.

These proven process technologies can be combined to create a series of high-efficiency continuous process systems for virtually any type of sugar confectionery.

Both dedicated and multi-purpose high output plants can be created in this way, offering outstanding quality and performance with low cost of ownership.

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Benefits of depositing confectionery with Baker Perkins

  • Superior confectionery products
  • World-class innovation and technology
  • Lifetime Support Promise
  • Access to Innovation Centre

Baker Perkins has over 50 years’ experience in cooking and starch-free depositing of sugar and sugar-free confectionery.

Superior appearance, high clarity and rapid flavour release with a smooth ‘mouth feel’ are key quality advantages of the starch-free depositing process, which creates complete control throughout the system.

Starch-free depositing offers greater quality and production flexibility with lower production costs than conventional methods such as die forming, starch mogul or cut-and-wrap. Benefits include extremely high accuracy for shape and product weight, negligible scrap rates and efficient wrapping. Plus, your production line will benefit from maximum hygiene with low maintenance.

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We supply a wide range of mixing, cooking and starch-free depositing equipment for confectionery production. From hard candy and lollipops to gummies, jellies, toffees and fondant, we supply ServoForm™ machines that cater for just about any type of sweet.

Need help finding the right machine for your production line? Speak to a representative at Baker Perkins today. We cater for larger and smaller manufacturing facilities and have specialist equipment for specific confectionery items.

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