Toffee Making Equipment

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Toffee & Caramel Typical Production Line

Process - Toffee

Weighs and mixes up to 16 dry and liquid confectionery ingredients into a homogeneous slurry. Individual ingredients are fed via a weigh hopper into the mixer and mixed during the fill cycle to produce a consistent slurry. Batches are fed from the Autofeed mixing tank to two reservoir tanks to facilitate a continuous feed to the cooker.

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Microfilm™ Cooker

Cooking to final moisture takes place in the Microfilm™ cooker. This comprises a scrape pre-heater and a swept surface Microfilm™ rotor, which creates a thin film of syrup that cooks rapidly without process inversion or burning of dairy ingredients.

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Carablend™ Toffee Cooker & Fondant Addition

The Carablend™ cooks and caramelizes the syrup and applies pressure to achieve the correct final moisture content. Fondant can also be added for the creation of fudge products.

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ServoForm™ Soft Confectionery Depositor

Syrup is deposited at final moisture into silicone or metal moulds, then cooled.

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Baker Perkins’ cooking and depositing systems produce a full range of high-quality toffee, caramel and fudge. A variety of products can be made in an assortment of colours, and can include added-value centre fillings such as nuts, jam or chocolate.

High Quality

The Carablend™ cooking system develops the right texture and flavour, before the product is deposited into silicone or metal moulds at final moisture. Pieces are consistent in shape and weight, with a smooth surface finish. The Carablend™ cooks and caramelizes the syrup in separate processes, giving completely independent control over colour, flavour, moisture and texture.

High Efficiency

Efficiency comes from continuous production in a system integrated from ingredient feeding to cooled confectionery. Perfectly regimented discharge optimizes chocolate enrobing, while consistent size, shape and weight contribute to high levels of wrapping efficiency.

Product Variety

Baker Perkins’ toffee cooking and depositing systems can produce traditional toffees and caramels with recipes ranging from budget to premium. White toffee can be coloured and flavoured, as well as striped and swirled. Traditional brown toffee may be enhanced with chocolate, nuts, or jam centre-fills.

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