Confectionery Innovation Centre: Peterborough, UK

 Confectionery Innovation: Peterborough, UK

The Innovation Centre at Peterborough in the UK contains a wide range of production and laboratory scale equipment dedicated to the confectionery industry.

This range of equipment is permanently available, and specialized units can be brought in – from other suppliers if necessary – to complete a process. Alternatively, customers are welcome to bring along their own technologies to integrate within our existing equipment. Customers are guaranteed total confidentiality, working with or without the help of Baker Perkins’ experienced food technologists.


For all types of confectionery from fondant to hard candy.


A servo-controlled electronic depositor for process development and small batch trials is available for use. A continuous 250mm wide line for production scale trials is also available.

Products that can be tested include hard candy in solid, striped, layered and filled varieties; soft candy such as toffee, caramel and fondant; and gums and jellies using our unique starchless process.

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If you are looking to create medicated gummies or other confectionery products, our range of laboratory scale gummy maker machines and other production lines can help.

To check availability, book a trial in the Innovation Center, or consult our process technologists in regards to your products, please contact us.

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