Autofeed Weighing & Mixing System

An Image of an Autofeed Weighing and Mixing System

The Autofeed is a fully automatic high-accuracy system to weigh and mix up to eight dry and liquid confectionery ingredients and feed any cooker in Baker Perkins’ range.

Efficiency and accuracy

A standard accuracy of 0.1% in a typical 180kg batch eliminates errors associated with volumetric systems. Up to eight ingredients are weighed and mixed in batches, with the reservoir tank providing a continuous feed to the cooker.


Up to 20 different recipes can be pre-programmed and stored, maximizing flexibility and minimizing operator involvement and error.

Tight control

Full batch reporting ensures tight cost control so the use of every ingredient can be accurately calculated.

This is part of the medicated gummy machine and gummy manufacturing machine production lines.

Autofeed Weighing & Mixing System Specifications

  • Output: up to 6,000kg/hr
  • Batch size: 180kg (200l tank)
  • Reservoir tank: 150l
  • Cycle time: 8 minutes
  • One vibratory chute for granulated sugar
  • One solenoid operated water valve
  • Three electro-pneumatic valves for liquid ingredients.
  • Frame: 304 stainless steel
  • Weigh tank: 316 stainless steel
  • Reservoir tank: 316 stainless steel with heated base and insulated sides
  • Product contact parts: 316 stainless steel
  • Fully jacketed weigh and reservoir tanks for low water recipes
  • 400l or 600l reservoir tanks
  • Tank and metering pump skids for minor liquid ingredients (e.g. brine and lecithin)
  • Powder feeder
  • Polyol dissolving unit to handle sugar-free syrups
  • Automatic CIP (Clean-in-Place) system – improved cleaning with less water
  • Heavy-duty mixer for high-viscosity slurries and high outputs
  • Multiple outlets
  • Twin tanks to avoid cross-contamination of

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