ServoForm™ Flexi

The ServoForm™ Flexi combines the benefits of Baker Perkins’ hygienic starch-free depositing with the flexibility to choose setting times between a few minutes and several hours.

Gateway to the starch-free process

Starch-free depositing is both more hygienic and economic than traditional starch mogul production for the lower throughputs that are typically required for the rapidly growing functional, nutraceutical and healthcare markets.

Unique quick-change mould design

The new single-piece plastic mould is unique to the ServoForm™ Flexi. The strong, rigid construction provides resistance to twisting to maintain depositing accuracy and stack stability, and is designed to survive both manual and automatic handling for multiple cycles.

Product and process flexibility

Solid, striped, centre-filled and layered products with gelatin, pectin or specialized gelling agents are deposited at final solids so no drying is required, only setting/conditioning.

ServoForm™ Flexi Features

Product weight range (nominal): 1 to 30g

Output 1: 100 – 500Kg/hr

Output 2: 500 – 1,000Kg/hr

  • Second depositing head and intermediate conveyor for up to 1,000kg/hr production or two layer products
  • Second row of oiling guns for higher output machines or long cavities where spray area is larger
  • Discharge conveyor for automatic or manual unloading of filled moulds

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