Fondant & Fondant Crème Preparation

fondant machine

Baker Perkins’ complete, automatic systems for continuous production of high quality fondant or fondant crème extend from raw ingredient handling to beater discharge or direct feed to a downstream process.


Fondant crème is used in a variety of different confectionery products: continuous operation makes it ideal for use with ServoForm™ depositors. Base fondant is normally boxed and sold as an ingredient to bakers and confectioners.

Seamless production

These plants involve a number of separate units linked into a seamless, easy to use, hygienic system.


The PLC control system with a single operator interface simplifies operation.  It reduces the amount of operator intervention, and the need for specialist staff.

Fondant & Fondant Crème Preparation Specifications


  • Fondant up to 1,170 kg per hour.
  • Fondant crème up to 1,650 kg per hour

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