ServoForm™ Mini

Servoform mini

The ServoForm™ Mini depositor is part of a low-output production line capable of producing a variety of confectionery from jellies, hard candies, lollipops and toffee, to high-value medicated or functional products.

Hygienic small-batch production

The hygienic nature of the starch-free ServoForm™ Mini makes it ideal for production to validation standards for healthcare products. Outputs reach 50kg/hour.

Consistent high quality

A high quality, smooth product has a consistent size and shape, and high piece weight accuracy.  Low scrap rate, quick product changeovers and continuous processing mean a rapid payback.

Production to validation standards

This servo-driven, short run system is designed for medicated or functional environments, entry-level operations or experimental and development work in larger operations.

ServoForm™ Mini Features

  • Servo-driven depositing system
  • Continuous indexing mould conveyor
  • Electric heated hopper
  • Single hopper for one colour products
  • Optional second hopper for two colour or centre-filled products
  • Full PLC controls
  • Quick product changeover
  • 2g to 16g product weight

Typical example: 4g sweets

18 strokes per minute
= 198 pieces /min
= 11,880 pieces /hr
= 47.5Kg /hr

Typical example: 10g lollipops

15 strokes per minute
= 90 lollipops /min
= 5,400 lollipops /hr
= 54Kg /hr

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