ServoForm™ Hard Candy Depositors

The highest possible levels of quality, output and efficiency.
ServoForm™ Depositors

ServoForm™ continuous starch-free hard candy depositors combine the highest possible levels of quality, output and efficiency to produce a wide range of attractive confectionery with exciting taste and texture combinations.

Versatile product range

The one-shot depositing action produces hard candies in one to four colours, with stripes and layers, one or two hard or soft centre-fills, and with every possible colour and flavour.

High quality

Continuously depositing syrup at final moisture into solid moulds creates candies that do not crack and are crystal clear, with smooth surface finish, no air bubbles and no sharp edges. They taste better through enhanced flavour release and a smoother mouth-feel.

Easy to operate, clean and maintain

Set up is quick and easy using the simple touch screen HMI.  High output, continuous production with rapid changeover, low scrap rates and automatic operation keep unit costs extremely low.

ServoForm™ Hard Candy Specifications

  • Nominal plant width – 250mm, 600mm, 950mm, 1,300mm
  • Min piece weight – 1g
  • Max speed – 55 strokes/min (110 rows/min)
  • Max output – 2,400 kg/hr
  • Hoppers and Manifolds – 316 Stainless steel
  • Depositing Head Covers – 304 Stainless steel
  • Frames – Mild steel painted and nickel plated
  • Cooler Covers – Polyurethane
  • Moulds – Aluminium with special PTFE coating
  • Fully programmed washout cycle requires no operator intervention
  • Drain components are easily removed without tools for periodic cleaning
  • Quick-release mould retainers enable rapid clean down and changeover
  • Good access for cleaning underneath
  • Cross shafts eliminated
  • Sloping covers
  • Extra sets of interchangeable carrier moulds
  • Spare hoppers for rapid changeover
  • Hopper removal carriage
  • Hopper agitators for viscous masses
  • Refrigerated cooling
  • Four-pass cooling tunnel
  • Servo-controlled mould lift
  • Powder addition feeder

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