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Greater product variety plus high quality, efficiency and output are the main reasons for choosing Baker Perkins‘ starch-free toffee, caramel and fondant cooking and depositing systems rather than any traditional process. This is also by far the best method for a new generation of high-fruit confectionery.

Production benefits

Continuous, integrated production from feeding to cooled product combines consistent size, shape and weight ideal for enrobing with low labour and energy needs, and minimal waste.

Toffee and caramel

Depositing extends the full traditional range to products that cannot be made by any other method with centre-fills, stripes, whirls, colours and flavours providing endless possibilities.

Fondant and fondant crème

Complete, continuous cooking and depositing systems provide individual fondants in a variety of colours, flavours and shapes; base fondant in bulk as an ingredient; and crème, ideal for depositing.

ServoForm™ Soft Confectionery Specifications

  • Nominal plant width – 250mm, 600mm, 950mm 1,300mm
  • Minimum piece weight -1g
  • Maximum speed 55 – strokes/min (110 rows/min)
  • Maximum output – 1,900 kg/hr
  • Silicone or metal air-ejection moulds
  • Extra sets of interchangeable carrier moulds
  • Spare hoppers for rapid changeover
  • Hopper removal carriage
  • Hopper agitators for viscous masses
  • Refrigerated cooling
  • Four-pass cooling tunnel
  • Servo-controlled mould lift
  • Powder addition feeder

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