The Forefront of Extrusion Technology

Baker Perkins’ success as a leading producer of twin-screw extruders is based on experience and know-how dating back to the earliest days of the industry.

Now acknowledged as the most versatile production process available, Baker Perkins pioneered the introduction of twin-screw extrusion - and has taken the lead in technological advances ever since. Baker Perkins was the first company to design and build a twin-screw clam shell machine in 1975, and our best-in-class continuous process machines now combine a wealth of technical advances pioneered over the years.

Extruders purpose-designed for powder coating

Baker Perkins’ twin-screw extrusion machines and systems are purpose-designed for applications such as powder coating.

Careful consideration of screw profiles, high free volume geometry and motors offering just the right amount of power for the application and the output required enable Baker Perkins’ extruders to process the greatest quantity of product for the minimum of power and cost.

In this sector

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Leader in Powder Coatings Production

Baker Perkins has been a leader in powder coatings production since the material was developed. Baker Perkins extruders are suitable for all types of coating resins and curing agents; they process all types of powder formulations, including 100% micronized powders.

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Continuous Processing

Continuous processing gives productivity and product quality improvements compared with conventional batch processing alternatives. Continuous processing reduces many process stages to one, lowering investment, energy, labour and space requirements.

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Pharmaceutical Capability

Baker Perkins pharmaceutical production capability ranges from single extruders to complete production plants. Baker Perkins extruders can be used for continuous production of solid dosage formulations by either the continuous granulation, extrusion spheronisation or melt extrusion techniques.

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