Experimental & Laboratory-Scale Depositors

experimental depositors

Laboratory scale depositors and cooking systems produce hard and soft confectionery and lollipops to the same specifications as equivalent full-size equipment. Results can be scaled up accurately for research, product development and test marketing purposes.

Accuracy and economy

The procedure of a full-size plant is replicated exactly in systems that are flexible and economic, with rapid changeover between different products.

Product variety

Replicates the same range of products made on a full-size depositor, including hard candies, lollipops, toffee and caramel, jellies, fondant and fudge. Candies can be made in up to four colours, solid, striped, swirled, or layered.

Choice of depositor

An electronic single-piston machine delivers extremely small amounts of product into hand-held moulds for evaluation. A continuous 250mm wide depositor is available for longer runs for test marketing.

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