Colour / Flavour Addition (CFA) System

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Baker Perkins’ modular systems for incorporating colours and flavours into hard and soft confectionery help to create attractive, tasty and innovative end products.

Add value, reduce costs

Accurate metering ensures consistent product quality and cuts costs by avoiding excess addition. Incorporating colours and flavours into the syrup at the last minute minimizes evaporation losses and allows rapid ‘on the run’ changes.

System choice

Modular design ensures systems exactly match each process requirement.   Every CFA system is specified to match the level of automation required, from simple manual to full automatic control.

System integration

CFA systems can be integrated into any existing confectionery cooking and depositing system from Baker Perkins.

If you are making medicated gummies or regular jellies and gummies, then this gummy making machine and others are used as part of the production line.

Colour / Flavour Addition (CFA) System Specifications

Simple operation with minimal shear

A well-proven and open system comprising a rotating cone which can mix in colours, flavours and powders with minimum shear. The cones can be supplied with one, two and three way gravity split candy feed systems for single, two and three colour candies. They are simple to operate on a manual basis and require minimum automation. Build-up of powders at mixer in-feed is avoided, and powders and encapsulated flavours can be hygienically added.

Volatile colour / flavour incorporation

Provides high efficiency mixing in an enclosed cylinder and minimises costly flavour loss through flash-off and evaporation. Volatile flavours, such as eucalyptus and menthol, are easily handled; up to 18% less flavour is used compared to conventional systems.

Controlled, metered additions

Meters colours, flavours and acids into mixing systems. Can be used with both automatic and manual systems, and can be operatoror ratio controlled from the feed pumps. Hygienic peristaltic pumps provide precise control.

For feeding of colours and flavours in powder form, such as Flexarome®, or for feeding powdered acids into confectionery syrups.

Colour / Flavour Addition (CFA) System Gallery

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