JellyCook™ Batch Cooker


The JellyCook™ batch cooker brings the benefits of starch-free production of gummies and jellies to companies operating in healthcare, supplement and confectionery markets. It is designed to feed a 50kg/hour ServoForm™ Mini depositor.

Integrated system

JellyCook™ is a flexible, integrated batch weighing, mixing and cooking system to make a gummy production line. Confectionery using gelatin, pectin, carrageenan or blends as the gelling agent can all be handled.

Output options

The range of semi-automatic JellyCook™ units offers 10 to 30kg batch sizes, with outputs up to 60kg/hour; a high output model with two cookers will produce 100kg/hour.

Easy to operate

Simplicity is a decisive benefit with all operator actions prompted by messages on the HMI screen. The system consists of an oil-heated stainless steel cooking vessel with a variable speed mixer / stirrer, a reservoir tank and a support frame with operator platform.

JellyCook™ Batch Cooker Specifications


  • Standard module consisting of one cooker and one reservoir tank
  • Output of 50kg/hr based on pectin “all in” recipe
  • 25min cook
  • Optional pumped discharge to depositor

JellyCook™ Max

  • Higher output version of JellyCook™ consisting of two cookers feeding into a single reservoir tank
  • Output of 100kg/hr
  • Optional pumped discharge to depositor

JellyCook™ Duo

  • Output to 100kg/hr
  • Consists of two modules, each containing a cooker and reservoir tank
  • Modules can be operated independently, in sequence, or together for throughput or recipe requirements
  • Independent operation of modules allows for two recipes or products to be cooked simultaneously, and enables feed to separate depositors
  • Outputs up to 60kg/hr (10-30kg batches)
  • Variable speed mixer / stirrer
  • Even cook temperature
  • Intuitive HMI with guided cooking prompts
  • Mounted on a hygienic stainless steel frame with operator access and storage areas
  • Suitable for floor or mezzanine installation with manual, pumped or gravitational transfer to the depositor

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