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Co-extruded Products Typical Production Line

SBX Master™ Twin Screw Extruder & Preconditioner

Baker Perkins’ versatile SBX Master™ twin-screw extruders provide continuous production at outputs from 250 to 2,500kg/hour, depending on formulation.

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Cream Feed

This unit stores and supplies cream to the co-extrusion die.

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Pillow Crimper

After leaving the die the product streams pass under a pressing roll to ensure they are the correct thickness and they are then separated and spaced by a series of fixed guides.

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Drying & Seasoning

The products are dried before being passed to the seasoning unit.

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Adding a co-extrusion system can transform a snack or cereal extrusion business. Incorporating a centre-filling – indulgent or healthy, sweet or savoury – within a cereal outer creates the potential to make a wide variety of exciting, high-value products.

Versatility for profitability

An almost endless range of products can be created using the wide array of cereals and textures from the extruder. A variety of options includes bite size pieces, tubes, wafers and bars, and appealing shapes such as chevrons, fish and faces.

High return on investment

This advanced process technology is simple to install and run. It generates a high rate of return. A low-cost extrusion and an innovative premium filling create a high added-value product which can be positioned in the market as either indulgent or healthy, for any age group.

Extensive product range

Fillings can be of virtually any colour or flavour – sweet and savoury creams, fruit pastes, cheese and chocolate praline are typical. Exotic flavours, plus glazings, frostings or chocolate coating, add even more appeal. The outer shell can appear to be plain or stringy, with surface textures such as grooves and highlights.

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