Flake Master™ Flaking Rolls

Machines nearing the end of their useful life can often be revitalized by rebuilding This is often a cost-effective way to restore the performance and reliability of a machine and extend its life.

Rebuilding can take place either on-site, or in a Baker Perkins factory.

Rebuilds use proven Baker Perkins Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts so high quality and long life are assured. These are made to the original or improved specifications.

Rebuild Options: Flake Master™ Flaking Rolls

Level 1: Return to original performance levels

The machine is returned to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification. This involves a complete strip down, replacement of worn parts, re-machining of critical areas, and re-assembly to ‘as new’ condition:

  • Flaking roll regrind: Baker Perkins flaking rolls are designed to be reground several times during their life. Without regrinding, product quality declines and replacement of the complete roll is eventually necessary. Baker Perkins regrind rolls precisely to the original specification. The flame-hardened surface of a flaking roll can be re-ground up to five times, after which it needs to be re-coated in order to maintain optimum efficiency.
  • Replace bearings and drive belts, and chains as necessary.
  • Inspect and replace motors as necessary.

Level 2: Upgrade and improve

This involves all the work involved in Level 1. It also involves the addition of upgraded parts and / or new technology. These can raise the performance level above that of the original machine, and include:

  • Replace hydraulic gap control system to current standards. The new system offers significant savings in maintenance and dust protection to provide a lower lifetime cost of ownership.
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