Extruded Flakes

Process options for corn flakes, wheat flakes and bran flakes include a twin–screw extruder with an extended barrel. 

This Baker Perkins technique combines cooking, cooling and pellet forming in a single twin-screw machine; this compact system is suitable for the majority of extruded breakfast cereal flakes


Extruded flakes are made from flours and other powdered ingredients that require no preparation or pre-conditioning on site. Instead, they are fed directly to a twin-screw extruder with a barrel extension for cooking.

Process options

A new technique involving an extended extruder barrel with a super-cooled final section enables pellets to be formed using a single extruder – this provides a compact system suitable for the majority of extruded flakes.  For high output and some multigrain flakes, separate cooking and forming extruders continue to be the preferred option.  In both processes, each pellet will eventually become an individual flake.

Pellet processing

The pellets are conveyed to a conditioner, and then into Baker Perkins’ Flake Master™ flaking roll unit. The flakes are then toasted and dried in a Thermoglide2 toaster, which removes excess moisture and toasts the surface to enhance flavour and colour.

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