Cereal Innovation Centre: Peterborough, UK

Baker Perkins offers every customer facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.   The Centre at Peterborough in the UK contains a wide range of production and laboratory scale equipment dedicated to the breakfast cereal industry.

Extruded cereals

A production scale SBX 50 solid barrel twin-screw extruder can be configured for a wide range of cereals, including co-extruded products.  There are also post-extrusion forming options such as a pillow crimper.

Traditional cereals

A complete plant with 125kg capacity cereal cooker, flaking and shredding rolls and a fluidized bed toaster is available.

Special units  

Specialized additional units can be brought in – from other suppliers if necessary – to complete a process.  Customers are welcome to bring along their own technologies to integrate within our existing equipment, and are guaranteed total confidentiality.

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