Flake Master™ Flaking Mill


This food processing machine provides consistent processing of a wide range of flakes including corn, bran and multigrain; traditionally-cooked grains and extruded pellets can also be processed.

High quality

Consistently high flake-quality is achieved through accurate control of the main process variables. The roll surface is maintained at a constant temperature by a high-capacity water-cooling system to ensure optimum flake consistency. Advanced control technology maintains a pre-set gap between the rolls to achieve the desired flake thickness.

Simple cleaning and maintenance

Increased hygiene levels and easy access to all machine parts contribute to ease of cleaning and maintenance.   Open design with the motors outside the frames provides good visibility of the process.

Easy to operate, low cost

PLC control with touch-screen HMI provides clear visualisation of the process and intuitive operation. There is a recipe driven setup facility, and comprehensive alarm functions and history. Flaking mills run for about 10,000 hours before any maintenance is necessary.

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