Granola Bars

Baker Perkins offers complete lines for the production of high quality baked granola bars. 

The dry ingredients are mainly oats, although other grains or dried fruits are often added. The process involves mixing, forming and baking of a continuous sheet that is slit and guillotined into bars

Quality with efficiency

Crunchy granola is made by baking and cooling a loosely compacted sheet of dry ingredients, oil and sugar   . The heat transfer process removes moisture from the product and causes the sugar to melt – gentle handling and accurate heat transfer achieve the ideal balance between product quality and efficient production.

Colour and texture

These qualities are established by the combination of temperature and time chosen. Assisted cooling at the oven discharge binds the mass together to give the characteristic granola crunch.   A slitter and guillotine after the cooling divides the sheet into individual bars, ready for the wrapping machines.

Baking is best

Baking rather than conventional drying of granola delivers better taste, appearance and texture, markedly improving consumer appeal. Baking is a slower, more thorough process: baking temperature is higher than drying, giving improved control over caramelisation of the sugars and leading to greater depth of flavour.

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