Co-Extruded Cereals

Co-extruded breakfast cereal pillows incorporate a centre-filling within the cereal outer, bringing a wide choice of added-value possibilities.

There is extensive potential for product innovation, with texture, filling and shape all controlled.   Chocolate, cream, or low-moisture fruit are typical fillings, and virtually any colour or flavour is possible. The outer shell texture can appear to be plain, stringy or shredded and extra value can be added by glazing or frosting.

Choice of fillings

Fillings can be of virtually any colour or flavour, including creams, fruit pastes or chocolate pralines.   The range of combinations is virtually endless.

Distinctive shapes

The product range is extended beyond simple squares and rectangles. Attractive and distinctive patterns such as hexagons, faces, chevrons and waves are possible; other options include surface textures such as grooves and highlights.


Baker Perkins’ extruders are a low cost-of-ownership tool allowing a wide range of products to be made with simple product changeover. Cereal lines are designed to be simply expanded or adapted on a modular basis to increase output or expand a product range.

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