SBX Master™ Preconditioner


The SBX Master preconditioner mixes, heats and hydrates ingredients for processing in a Baker Perkins SBX Master extruder.

Cooking times and mechanical shear energy in the extruder are reduced, which widens the range of products that can be made on the extruder and maximizes both output and quality.

Increased process capability

High-speed mixing and hydration take place in separate chambers, enabling the time and intensity of each to be controlled independently.  High-intensity mixing aerates the product which assists rapid hydration, while multiple feed ports give the flexibility to add ingredients at various points.

Improved quality

Pelletized and half-products are cooked more quickly, allowing increased cooling time and preventing unwanted expansion, while the texture of protein-based products is improved by reduced mechanical shear energy.

Hygienic operation

Hygienic design and a wash-in-place spray bar reduce cleaning and changeover times.  Unrestricted access to both chambers and an optional manually-installed water spray bar ensure cleaning is both quick and thorough. The vessel is fully sealed against steam and product leakage and the shafts are easily removable for additional cleaning.

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