CoEx Master™ Pillow Crimper

This is part of the co-extrusion system. A variety of products and shapes can be produced using alternative sets of rolls. The rolls are easily removed and replaced for cleaning and product change.


After leaving co-extrusion die the product streams pass under a pressing roll to ensure they are the correct thickness and they are then separated and spaced by a series of fixed guides. The product streams pass between two rollers with multiple blades and are pinched along their lengths to form continuous strands of sealed pillow shapes. These are dried and broken into individual pieces. An air curtain prevents the product sticking to the blades

High return on investment

CoEx Master System consists of a co-extrusion die, cream feed, and pillow-crimper. This can be part of a new line, or a straightforward upgrade to an existing extrusion line. It enables the line to produce a wide variety of high-value products with minimal equipment and without extensive plant modifications.


Fillings are usually a low-moisture cream such as chocolate or praline or a low-moisture fruit paste. An almost endless range of products can be created using the wide array of cereals and textures from the extruder. Double or triple extrusions and a variety of shape options including bite size pieces, tubes, wafers and bars are possible

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