Baked or Dried Granola Cereal

Tasty and versatile, baked granola can be formed into a selection of tempting products.

Granola is made from oats, and after baking can be kibbled to produce clusters which are bagged as a cereal, or slit into bars.

The basic mix can easily be enhanced with inclusions such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds, honey or chocolate chips to turn a cereal into a luxury added-value product.

Straightforward process

Crunchy granola is made by baking a loosely compacted sheet of ingredients before cooling, breaking and then kibbling into small clusters. Blending dry ingredients with oil and sugar forms the mass which is spread evenly across the width of an oven band.  This is then baked before cooling, breaking and then kibbling into small clusters.

Quality with efficiency

The heat transfer process removes moisture from the product and causes the sugar to melt. Colour and texture of the final product are determined by the combination of temperature and time chosen.

Breaking and kibbling

A Pre-Breaker unit straight after the discharge of the cooling does the initial breaking of the product sheet. The large pieces are then fed to a kibbling unit that reduces the pieces to their final size.

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