Direct Expanded Cereals

Direct expanded breakfast cereals are cut at the axe of the extruder die to form shapes such as loops, alphabet letters, balls, curls, squares, stars, petals and rings.

An engraved die can make more complex shapes, including faces or animals that appeal to children. Larger pieces such as bran sticks or unfilled pillows are also possible, and varying the type of grain provides alternative surface textures.

Colour changes of an extruded breakfast cereal can be made ‘on the run’ to provide, for example, mixed fruit colours in a single packet.

Varied product possibilities

Twin-screw extruders produce a broad selection of staple ready-to-eat products, including corn balls, multi grain rings, alphabet shapes, cocoa curls, cocoa balls and oat rings.  The full array of grain and rice as the basis for an extensive cereal portfolio, while additional flavours and colours can be added directly into the barrel.

Low cost

The Baker Perkins’ twin-screw SBX Master extruder cooks ingredients using a combination of heat, mechanical shear and moisture addition.  This is a low cost-of-ownership tool allowing a wide range of products to be made with simple product changeover.

Expand or adapt

Cereal lines can be simply expanded or adapted on a modular basis to increase output or expand a product range. Utilising Baker Perkins’ depth of process expertise, co-extrusion equipment, flaking rolls, cookers and dryers can be added to make a wide range of high-specification products.

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