SBX Master™ Extruders

Specialized Parts

Precision components based on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) drawings, and a high level of process knowledge, are essential to consistent extruder operation.

Screw Parts

Extruder screw parts must be made using the original drawings to achieve the exact angles and clearances that ensure effective operation. Baker Perkins holds extensive stocks of commonly used parts, in the UK and USA.

Barrel Liners

These key parts must be machined to precise sizes and tolerances in two dimensions. Parameters must remain constant when subject to elevated temperatures and pressure. Additionally, barrel liner manufacture must achieve an exact diameter along the full length of the barrel for screw placement; clearances between screw and barrel are critical. Fixing points must match those on the machine to avoid misalignment at assembly.


These are designed specifically for Baker Perkins twin-screw extruder specifications. They must achieve two co-rotating outputs, and be capable of handling high torque. Older machines have David Brown gearboxes: Baker Perkins now owns the intellectual properties associated with these gear boxes, and is the sole manufacturer.

Newer extruders are fitted with PIV gearboxes; Baker Perkins has an exclusive arrangement for their supply.In order to achieve acceptable levels of performance and reliability it is necessary to use these gearboxes.

Die Inserts

Products expand as they leave the die, and achieving an exact relationship between the size and shape of the die outlet, and the size and shape of the product is vital to efficient operation. A minor error on the die can translate into a major problem with the product, leading to size and weight issues which create drying and coating problems. Design and manufacture involve specialist techniques, and a knowledge of materials which will withstand abrasion


Baker Perkins holds extensive stocks of screw parts for food extruders. Baker Perkins also offers advice on optimising extruder performance through choice of the most suitable materials, and by screw configuration design.

Baker Perkins extruder screw parts are made to the original specification and drawings. They meet precise profile and clearance criteria, are inspected to the highest quality standards, and can be fitted first time without adjustment or modification. When parts have been improved since the extruder was built, an upgraded part is offered if appropriate.

Screw parts are inevitably subject to wear: buying from the Original Equipment manufacturer ensures maximum performance and service life. Hundreds of the most common parts are held in the UK and USA for immediate delivery ex-stock.

Choice of material

Expert advice is available from our team of product specialists. Baker Perkins technologists can advise on the ideal material to ensure the longest life and lowest overall cost. Correct choice of material minimizes processing abrasion and corrosion, and prolongs screw part life. The range includes EN19 carbon steel, D2 tool steel, 440C tool steel and Vanadium tool steel (VTS),

Process advice

Screw configuration can be assessed for maximum effectiveness. Configurations can be changed to provide alternative end-product capability. The Baker Perkins Innovation Centre at Peterborough is available for product development trials and assessment.

Request A Quotation

Where to find your Baker Perkins name plates:

Your Baker Perkins name plates can be found on the main frame of the machine. It is usually located near to the main drive.

customer-services-spares-name-plate (2)

When ordering replacement parts, please quote the following typical details if possible:

Contract number [i.e. BPF 000000]

Machine number [i.e. 271/1BPF 999000]

Description of the part [i.e. spring]

Drawing number or code number of the part [i.e. 9386892G]

Quantity required

Quoting all the above will assist Baker Perkins to supply quotes and parts quickly.

Please use this link to check availability of recommended parts and request a quote for your equipment.

If a required item is less clearly defined:

Please also quote the number of the picture drawing on which it is shown.

An email of the drawing with the part highlighted can be useful in identifying any parts required.

A photograph of the required part can also be useful in identifying any parts required.

Please contact Baker Perkins’ customer support centre to discuss your requirements.

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