Leading Innovation Since 1975

Baker Perkins’ success as a leading producer of twin-screw extruders is based on experience and know-how dating back to the earliest days of the industry.

Now acknowledged as the most versatile production process available, Baker Perkins pioneered the introduction of twin-screw extrusion – and has taken the lead in technological advances ever since.


Baker Perkins was the first company to design and build a twin-screw clam shell machine in 1975, and our best-in-class MPX continuous production extruders now combine a wealth of technical advances pioneered over the years.


1975 – first to develop and manufacture twin screw extruders with a clam-shell barrel

1975 – first to offer high free volume geometry in the barrel and screw elements

1976-1986 – moderate increases to power and speed, using round shafts

1987 – increased power, speed and barrel L/D by switching to hex shafts. First – and still – the only extruder manufacturer to deliver through-shaft cooling via the gearbox

1990 – PLC control systems introduced

1997 – redesigned barrel introduced with modular drop-in inserts, cast heaters, active sealing glands, and quick release shaft couplings

1997 – first to offer independently opening top and bottom barrel halves

1999 – developed the split stuffing box with Akzo Nobel

2003 – increased power, speed and barrel L/D by switching to splined shafts

2005 – began using Vandium Tool Steel (VTS) as the standard material of construction for barrel liners and screw elements

2006 – introduced integrated control systems for up- and down-stream equipment – read more

2013 – introduced gearbox condition monitoring – read more

2014 – introduced water cooled motors and Lenze PLC control systems

2016 – started offering increased barrel cooling

2017 – dedicated Innovation Centre opened in Peterborough, UK – read more

2018 – introduced the patented MAX³ Feed System to address the long-term problem within the industry of restricted output and torque surges caused by material building up in the extruder feed port – read more

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