Improved Tweedy™ Mixer 385 Impact Plate

Baker Perkins have developed a new Tweedy™ Mixer 385 Impact Plate to improve energy transfer to the dough to give an even and consistent dough temperature during the mix.

This results in an improved dough discharge that prevents re-working of left-over dough, a more consistent end product, and easier dough handling throughout the process.


  • Typical mixing times are reduced by ~30 seconds
  • Improved resistance and shearing effect enhances gluten bonds: the dough is more elastic and workable, aiding the dough moulding process
  • Improved throughput to up to 400kg per hour, with enhanced dough control and spacing through the divider
  • Reduced energy consumption due to the reduced mixing time
  • Energy cost savings give a return on investment in less than 1 year (dependant on mixes per hour and operational shift pattern)

If you’d like to schedule a trial to demonstrate the advantages first hand, please get in touch using the details below. Or you can view all of our commercial bread making machines online.

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