Tweedy™ SuperCool High Speed Mixer

tweedy2 mixing systems

The Tweedy mixing system integrates weighing and high-speed mixing in a single machine with a common control system. It is suitable for all mechanically developed doughs.   

Consistent quality through accurate process control  

All inputs to the process, including ingredient weights, temperatures and energy, are accurately monitored and controlled to ensure batch to batch consistency

Product choice

Pan/tin bread, rolls and burger buns, pizza bases, artisan bread, rye bread and brioche are all covered.

SuperCool technology eliminates ice addition or flour cooling

Tweedy SuperCool uses an enhanced cooling jacket to reduce the temperature rise during mixing by up to 6.2°C. This food processing equipment can be used in almost every climate without complex and costly ice addition or flour cooling.


Batch sizes range from 85 to 385 kg for outputs between 2,380 and 5,390 kg/hr.

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