Bakery Manufacturing Plant

Precise mixing, accurate weight control

Plant Mixing & Forming Typical Production Line

Bakery Line
Tweedy™ High Speed Mixer

Ingredients are mixed under variable amounts of pressure and vacuum. Once mixed, the dough is dispensed into the hoist tub and lifted to the Divider hopper.

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Accurist™ Divider

A ram and knife configuation divides the dough into smaller pieces, which are then passed to the Rounder.

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Conical Rounder

The dough pieces are formed into a ball shape, before being passed to either the Prover or resting conveyors.

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First Prover

The stress in the bread dough is relaxed prior to moulding.

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Multitex4™ Moulder

The dough piece is gently sheeted in the Moulder head then tightly coiled by the coiling conveyor. The overhead moulding board folds in the edges of the dough pieces to create even cylinders for accurate positioning in tin via the panner.

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Baker Perkins’ integrated high-output dough mixing and forming systems combine precise mixing, accurate weight control and gentle dough handling to drive quality up and production costs down.

Premium products

Gentle handling minimizes dough damage, giving an excellent crumb structure and a fine, even texture.  Shape, colour and resilience are enhanced ensuring premium loaves.

Driving costs down

Ingredient costs are reduced as less yeast and improvers are required to achieve the same bread quality. Gentle handling means the dough proofs and bakes well to retain volume, colour and softness, but at a lower cost.

Integrated system control

Advanced, integrated control technology links all the unit machines, devices and sensors in a Baker Perkins line.  Industry 4.0 harnesses data which enables units to communicate with each other via the Internet to make informed and timely decisions

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