Customer Services

Our Lifetime Support promise

Baker Perkins provides full process support to all its customers in the bakery industry. We ensure that our equipment provides the distinct product characteristics and quality consumers require.

Process technologists

Experienced food technologists initially advise on process development and product formulation to establish recipes and all process parameters. Tests and demonstrations using the customer’s own ingredients are organized in our factory at Peterborough. These ensure that the equipment selected can produce new products, and replicate an existing range.

Lifetime support

Baker Perkins support ensures that bakery businesses can adapt their product range to changing market needs. Technologists work in customers’ bakeries to adapt existing products and develop new ones. They will also modify recipes and processes to take account of changes in ingredients and legislation, and re-train operators.

Process optimization

Baker Perkins services include benchmarking and process optimization of installed equipment. We analyse current operation, and fine-tune machinery to maximize performance and reduce operating costs.

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