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MIXING Typical Production Line

Unit Machines for Bakeries

Equipment for the thorough and consistent mixing of no-time dough for specialty and artisan-style bread, as well as a full selection of other bakery products, including rolls, buns and pizza bases.

Tweedy™ 8 / 20 Laboratory Mixers
Versatex vertical spindle mixer
Tweedy™ High Speed Mixers

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A range of mechanical dividers offering high accuracy, rock-solid reliability and extremely low cost of ownership.

Accurist™ 3000
Accurist™ 5000 and 9000
Accurist 2.1™ Washdown Divider

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Rounding & Proving

Equipment that accepts divided dough pieces and forms them into ball shapes for easier handling and better presentation to Provers, which rest the dough before moulding.

Simplex Rounder
Conical Rounder
First Prover

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Equipment for dust-free, non-stick moulding and improved loaf quality.

Multitex4™ moulder

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While Baker Perkins’ mixing and forming equipment is typically installed as an integrated, automated line in high-output tin and pan bread plant bakeries across the globe, the equipment is also suitable for many other bakery and hearth bread products.

Baker Perkins’ selection of mixing and forming unit machines enables bakers to meet increasing market demand for quality, premium products across all bakery sectors.

Unit Machines: Mixers

Baker Perkins mixers are suitable for many bakery and hearth bread products over a wide range of outputs.

Tweedy high speed mixers

The Tweedy process is ideal for many products, including pizza, baguette, focaccia, ciabatta, batter, rye, soda, pita and artisan breads, brioche, breadcrumbs and Panko, bagels, cinnamon rolls and burger buns.

The range of Tweedy mixers covers the industry, from small through medium to large scale plant bakeries. Batch sizes range from a minimum 85 to a maximum 385kg, and output minimums range from 2380 to 5390 kg/hour.

Tweedy 8 / 20 mixers

The Tweedy 8 and Tweedy 20 have applications in artisan-scale bakeries, as well as within the bagel, pastry and other sectors. Batch sizes vary from a minimum 4kg to a maximum 20kg.   These mixers are also used by high-output bakeries for development work on new products; ingredient suppliers working on new formulations; and research or academic institutions studying high speed mixing and other aspects of the bread making process.

Versatex mixer

The Versatex is a vertical spindle mixer with a removable bowl, suitable for a maximum batch size of 100kg of dough.

Unit Machines: Dividers

Baker Perkins’ dividing and rounding equipment is used for a wide range of for quality, premium bakery and hearth bread products.

Accuracy, reliability and low cost of ownership are the features of Accurist dough dividers. They are durable, easy to operate and maintain, covering a wide range of piece-weight and output combinations for applications from small breads and pizza bases to large loaves.

All Accurist dividers can maintain an accuracy of 2.5 to 3.5g Standard Deviation on 900g dough pieces over extended production runs.

Accurist 3000

The Accurist 3000 with 1 and 4 pockets, handles from 500 to 6,000 pieces per hour.

Accurist 5000 and 9000

The Accurist 5000 and 9000 with 2 to 8 pockets, produces between 1,200 and 14,400 pieces per hour.


The Accurist2.1 offers outputs from 1,200 to 14,400 pieces per hour from 3 to 8 pockets; it incorporates a full foam-and-rinse washdown function for maximum hygiene.

Unit Machines: Rounders

Baker Perkins rounders form divided dough pieces into ball shapes for easy handling and superior presentation to provers and moulders.  As well as forming the ball shape, the process also conditions the surface of the dough pieces for easier handling downstream.

Conical rounder

The Conical Rounder can handle larger piece weights ranging from 300g to 1,760g, with a maximum output of 10,000 pieces per hour.

Simplex rounder

The Simplex Rounder can handle smaller piece weights up to 900g.

Unit Machines: Proving & Forming

This equipment is used for a wide variety of bakery and hearth bread products.


The first prover accepts dough pieces from the rounder and relaxes them to preserve their shape and provide a well-controlled feed to the moulders.   Removing stress from the dough ensures that it can be moulded without tearing and will prove and bake evenly.

First provers have a maximum output of 9,200 pieces per minute; a proof time range between one and 30 minutes; and a piece weight range from 200 to 2,200 kg.


The Baker Perkins Multitex4 sheets and moulds dough pieces for pans / tins. Gentle handling enables dough quality to be maintained while reducing the use of costly yeast and improvers. The dough is subjected to controlled, even tension, so it proves evenly and fills the pan well to give an attractive appearance and good crumb structure.

Weights range from 200 to 2,100 gram, and output is up to 6,000 pieces per hour, depending on weight.

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