First Prover

bread equipment forming first prover

The first prover accepts dough pieces from the conical rounder and relaxes them prior to final moulding, preserving shape in a controlled, hygienic environment.  Removing stress from the dough ensures that it can be moulded without tearing and will prove and bake evenly.

Synchronised system

Dough pieces are carried through the prover in swing trays divided into individual pockets to keep them separate.  The synchronised loading system ensures there are no gaps and no doubles.

Optimum dough condition

The enclosed system keeps the dough in optimum condition, maintaining piece shape for presentation in a well-controlled feed to the moulder.

Compact unit gives high output from a flexible layout

Compact and easy to maintain from floor level, the unit can be configured to suit any bakery layout, and the small footprint uses minimal floor space.


Output from a single prover can reach 9,200 pieces per hour.  There are 50, 60 or 100 trays with 8 pockets per tray.  Proof time varies from 1 to 30 minutes and dough piece weight from 200 to 1,100g.

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