Tweedy™ Laboratory Mixers

tweedy laboratory mixers

For exact replication of production-scale systems, all the important process control features found on Tweedy production mixers enable new product developments to be successfully scaled up from the Tweedy 8 and 20 machines. 

Ideal for research and academic institutions

The small batch sizes are ideal for high-output bakeries for developing new products, as well as academic and research organisations, and ingredient suppliers.

Range of applications

The Tweedy process is ideal for many products, including burger buns, pizza, artisan-style and hearth breads, baguettes, focaccia, ciabatta, batter, rye, soda, pita, brioche, breadcrumbs, bagels and sweet rolls.


Maximum/minimum batch sizes are 8 and 4kg on the Tweedy 8, 20 and 10kg on the Tweedy

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