Graduate Roles

Baker Perkins designs and manufactures high-output production systems for customers worldwide in the food and performance materials industries. Many of the products on supermarket and retail shelves around the world are made on systems supplied by Baker Perkins.

Every system is customised to meet the specific needs of the customer and every day brings a new challenge to the skill and creativity of our engineers and process technologists.

Our graduate programme is designed to provide graduates with a broad appreciation of the full range of functional disciplines, enabling you to make an informed career choice at the end of the programme and be more effective in you chosen specialisation. It will also prepare you for changes of role in the future. As well as the different engineering disciplines, graduates are able to develop their careers in areas such as sales, project management and purchasing.

This a 2 year graduate rotation scheme. Through the two years there will be the opportunity to have a thorough introduction to all departments within Baker Perkins including engineering, process technology, project management, operations and sales.

There will be opportunities to choose from a variety of permanent roles at the end of the scheme, for example design engineer, manufacturing engineer, process technologist, commissioning engineer, project manager and sales manager

The first three months includes comprehensive onboading, with one- or two-week placements to gain an understanding of the business and its processes and to meet key people. The following 18 months will comprise a selection of longer projects and placements in different areas of the business, combining business need with your personal development goals and career preferences. The end of the rotations will see graduates being prepared for their chosen role/specialism with more specific training.

The scheme provides an opportunity to work on projects in multiple departments and to discover a career path. You will get hands on experience of business-critical projects, ideally seeing them through from start to finish, and develop a range of skills that will be useful throughout your career.

Candidates will have a Bachelors or Masters in the following (Scheme rotations will be tailored for skills sets):

  • Mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, chemical or other engineering
  • Food Science Food Engineering
  • Relevant STEM subject

And can demonstrate:

  • Project management skills
  • Flexibility – will be working in different departments and projects
  • Communication skills
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Curiosity and growth mindset

There will be occasional travel to UK sites, as well as potential placements at group sites in the UK and abroad.


The application process for 2024 is now closed; please bookmark this page to find out when applications for 2025 open – this will typically be around the start of the year.

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