Asian company takes cookie production in-house

Asian company takes cookie production in-house

After buying in cookies from a third party manufacturer, a company in Asia decided to take production in-house.

A review of leading suppliers confirmed Baker Perkins’ superior technology and reliability as a partner for a project of major importance. Product trials alongside the customer in the Innovation Centre at Peterborough confirmed this assessment.

The completed line incorporated a Baker Perkins TruClean™ Wirecut, the new TruClean™ Servo Bar Cutter, and a TruBake™ Oven.

TruClean™ Wirecut

High accuracy wirecut machines are the key to quality production, and the TruClean™ Wirecut selected for this line is especially designed for the very soft doughs typified by the classic chocolate chip cookie.

Baker Perkins’ TruClean™ Wirecut combines hygienic design with the ability to control product weights very closely, and gap adjustability that allows large inclusions (typically chocolate chunks, nuts and raisins) to be handled.

A patented two-axis servo system provides infinite variability to the cutting and return paths, enabling optimum cutting performance at high speeds or on difficult dough. The Wirecut offers outstanding weight accuracy of +/- 1% on plain dough and 2% on dough with inclusions, through unique die and filler block technology. Machines can be specified with a range of options to ensure they meet exact requirements. 

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Baker Perkins’ TruClean™ Wirecut

NEW TruClean™ Servo Bar Cutter

The TruClean™ Servo Bar Cutter used on the line features the same dual servo-driven cutting mechanism as the Wirecut, using one servo for the vertical motion and one for the horizontal motion. With two servo motors we can create infinite cut profiles through the recipe selection on the HMI to cut through a variety of product thicknesses and lengths.

The TruClean™ Servo Bar Cutter can be positioned after the wirecut or oven to cut a continuous strip of output into the required lengths. Servo technology enhances flexibility, meaning this unit can handle a wide product range and cuts cleanly though difficult materials. Key parameters including speed, dwell time and length are easily and quickly adjusted, so changeover from bite-size to full-size bars, for example, is extremely rapid.

The servo bar cutter can be mounted over an existing conveyor belt or oven band to suit the application. We can also supply a portable, self-contained bar cutter with its own internal belt circuit and on-board controls.

TruBake™ Convection Oven

The new TruBake™ convection oven recently launched by Baker Perkins provides a stable and predictable baking environment.

The new oven is a development of the well-proven HiCirc oven with improvements in flexibility, efficiency and hygiene. With no heat exchanger, there are significant savings in fuel and maintenance, plus a faster temperature response time than indirect convection ovens.

The oven modules will be arranged at the customer’s site to form an oven with a number of separate baking zones. Each zone is specified to achieve the necessary baking profile, with independent temperature, extraction and airflow control.

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TruBake™ Convection Oven

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