TruClean™ Three Roll Sheeter


As part of the sheet forming and cutting process, the three roll sheeter takes either a bulk or metered feed of dough, and forms a compacted sheet ready for the gauge rolls.

Easy to use, efficient

This machine provides high levels of efficiency and reliability, with low running costs.   TruClean design reduces accumulation of unwanted materials; improves visibility and access for cleaning; and simplifies the removal and replacement of components and assemblies without tools or technicians.

Optimum control

The three-roll arrangement provides optimum control over the size and condition of the dough sheet.  The rolls are configured to create a compression chamber which homogenates the dough without damaging it by over-working.

Consistent product

The infeed hopper contains a partitioned compartment to integrate returned scrap dough into the underside of the fresh dough. This produces a high-quality and consistent surface. It also minimises the possibility of dough being re-used again.

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