TruBake™ Direct Gas Fired Oven

TruBake Direct Gas Fired (DGF) ovens offer great flexibility in their baking characteristics. The heat comes from ribbon burners mounted above and below the band assisted by an air circulation (turbulence) system.

Worldwide favourite

The TruBake DGF handles a full selection of products, from hard crackers to very soft cookies. DGF ovens are used around the world for excellent baking, flexibility and ease of operation.

Consistent baking characteristics

The TruBake DGF combines radiant and convective heat in varying proportions along its length. This enables the ideal size, colour, moisture and thickness of product to be consistently achieved.

High productivity, easy to operate

PLC touch-screen control with full recipe management ensures fast and repeatable set-up and running with minimum waste.   Heating and airflow respond in an efficient and predictable linear manner making it easy to achieve and maintain optimum baking conditions.

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