High Speed Mixers


HS (High Speed) multi-purpose batch mixers handle every type of dough for biscuits, cookies and crackers. They offer high levels of automation, ease of use and cleaning, and outstanding reliability to guarantee low cost of ownership.  

Superior performance

The unique shaftless mixer blade gives rapid dough development ensuring optimum performance in every mixing phase.  The blade allows the ingredients to move freely in the bowl to ensure rapid dispersion and efficient blending.  Delicate inclusions are incorporated evenly without damage or smearing.

Easy to operate and clean

PLC control with full-colour touch screen makes this machine easy to operate.  A stay clean/easy clean design, shaftless blade, easy access, and negligible dough retention in the bowl minimise cleaning need.

Reliable, automatic operation

Loading and discharge are fully automatic to reduce labour costs and mix cycle times.  Major components are designed to last for the life of the machine, minimising maintenance cost.  Three models provide batch capacities from 650 to 1,300 kg on soft dough, and from 520 to 1,210 kg on hard dough.

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