TruClean™ Gauge Roll


Achieving and maintaining the required thickness of the sheet of biscuit dough is a key function in the forming and cutting process for cracker biscuits and hard sweet biscuits, accomplished by gauge rolls.

High quality, low cost

Repeatable precision and reliable operation are matched by low operating costs, with labour, waste and maintenance kept to a minimum.  Features that contribute to precise weight control and reliable sheet handling have been enhanced.

Easy to operate

A clear and intuitive touch screen HMI includes indication and setting of all the main running adjustments.   Located on the machine, this enables operators to see the effects of their adjustment on the dough sheet as they make them. The gauge roll is fully integrated into the line speed control system.

Easy to clean and maintain

TruClean design reduces accumulation of unwanted materials; improves visibility and access for cleaning; and simplifies the removal and replacement of components and assemblies without the need for tools or technicians.

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