TruClean™ Wirecuts


TruClean wirecut upgrades

Baker Perkins continuously develops equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership. Upgrades available for Baker Perkins’ TruClean wirecuts include the following.

Aftermarket wirecut head

An obsolete head can be replaced without discarding a serviceable machine base. This brings the benefits of the latest technology which improves weight accuracy. Cleaning and maintenance times are reduced, and product changeovers achieved in minutes.

Encapsulation module

Filled cookies can be produced on a standard wirecut machine using an optional encapsulation module and iris cutter. Baker Perkins’ encapsulation system can be fitted to any wirecut to convert the machine from a standard unit to one that can do both cookies and encapsulated cookies.

Servo-driven wirecut mechanism

The traditional mechanical wirecut system, with its many manual adjustments, can be replaced by a unique dual servo system with minimal parts.

Faster changeovers increase flexibility; lower waste and minimal giveaway plus easier cleaning reduce operating costs; fewer moving parts and easy removal of components reduce maintenance costs.

Dynamic band raise mechanism

This feature improves product placement on the band. It lifts the band to meet the dough as it is extruded, guaranteeing the dough’s position and allowing for optimal row spacing and higher throughput.

Oscillating knife

Replacing the fixed wire or blade as the cutting medium with an oscillating knife blade improves weight control and product placement for products with large inclusions, like gourmet cookies.

PLC control

Full PLC control with touch-screen and graphical interface can improve operation and reduce costs through recipe control, visualisation, trending and alarm features. The machine controls can easily be integrated with higher SCADA and other supervisory line control systems for machine control, monitoring and data capture purposes.

Inverter duty gearmotor and variable frequency drives

Replacing an obsolete mechanical variable speed drive with a new inverter duty gearmotor and variable frequency drive enhances weight control by improving speed holding accuracy from between 2-4% to +/-0.1%.

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