TruClean™ Rotary Moulders


TruClean rotary moulder upgrades

Baker Perkins continuously develops equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership; many developments are available as upgrades for existing machinery.   These upgrades are available for TruClean rotary moulders.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) motors

Infinitely adjustable speed control improves accuracy levels to 0.1%. This compares with the 2 to 4% of previous generation drives.  A VFD can cost less than replacing an obsolete mechanical drive.

Pneumatic belt tracking

Belt life is longer as the band is protected from damage caused by ‘wander’. Hygiene is improved and waste cut, because the product avoids the edge of the band.

Hopper extensions

Linked to an integrated feed system this eliminates reliance on operators to spread dough evenly across the hopper.  An even feed contributes to accurate weight control.

Die reconfiguration

Closer configuration means an extra row can be deposited on the oven band.

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