Flexiflame Ribbon Burners


Flexiflame ribbon burners for Direct Gas Fired Ovens

Baker Perkins continuously develops equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership; many developments are available as upgrades for existing machinery.   Flexiflame ribbon burners maximize heat balance across and down a Direct Gas Fired (DGF) oven. This ensures an even bake, and avoids scrap over a full selection of biscuits, from high bake crackers to the softest cookie.

Easy to fit

The burners are compatible with new and existing ovens and commonly used fuels. They can be retrofitted easily to existing ovens. A survey can be arranged through our Customer Services department to assess individual requirements.

Effective heat balance

Flexiflame burners ensure that all stages of the baking process are balanced across the full width of the oven. Product consistency and quality are guaranteed with independently adjustable flames. The burners come in 1, 3 or 5 flame sections.

On-the-run adjustment

The flame widths in each section can be adjusted on the run without removing the whole burner assembly. Unique design means that Flexiflame burners are interchangeable with one another with no down time.

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