Training Courses

Training courses

Training courses from Baker Perkins develop the skills and knowledge staff need to avoid waste and downtime and to minimise running and ownership costs.  Courses are offered across the Baker Perkins process and equipment range, with each course customised around specific training needs and equipment.   The result is consistent peak performance of plant or unit machines.

Meeting business objectives

We develop courses directly relevant to business objectives, designed around measurable outcomes.   They may be related to improving plant or unit machine performance or developing workforce skills.

Expert tutors

Training is delivered by engineers with many years experience of working on Baker Perkins machinery in customers’ factories, who offer sound, practical advice on all aspects of operation and maintenance to maximise the benefit from every course.

Tailored courses

Courses can be designed for anyone who works with or is in some way responsible for correct operation and maintenance of Baker Perkins equipment.   In addition to direct training we can also provide ‘train-the-trainer’ courses enabling companies to organise their own courses

Courses typically include modules on process, equipment, control systems, set up and changeover of parts, normal operation and maintenance, cleaning and hygiene, and fault finding/troubleshooting.

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