Oven Performance Optimization & Upgrades

Oven performance optimisation and upgrades

The oven is the most costly item in a biscuit, cookie or cracker line: maintaining or upgrading to optimum levels makes a substantial contribution to plant profitability and effectiveness. Baker Perkins has a program of services to enhance oven efficiency, and add the latest technology upgrades to installed equipment.

Unmatched know-how

Baker Perkins is the largest OEM of biscuit, cookie and cracker ovens, with an unmatched level of operational and process know-how. We hold full records of all Baker Perkins, APV Baker and Werner Lehara ovens. We take complete responsibility for oven audits and upgrade programmes, from discussions and proposals to re-commissioning.  OEM components match the original or updated specification to ensure maximum performance.  We also develop programmes optimising performance to and beyond the original specification

Energy audits and consumption reduction

As energy costs climb, so does the value of operating an oven at the most economic energy levels. Energy audit and consumption saving programmes shrink fuel bills – we also offer upgrades bringing additional power savings.

Control system upgrades

Applying PLC technology to an oven brings control benefits that can provide payback in less than a year.  Superior process control ensures consistent application of optimal oven settings, leading to reduced downtime, energy, waste and labour.

Line capacity increases

Baker Perkins expertise can squeeze extra capacity from an existing line, or add significantly to throughput by extending the oven.  We specify and engineer bespoke solutions that match each individual system and output requirement

Flexiflame ribbon burners for Direct Gas Fired ovens

The Flexiflame burner maximises heat balance across and down DGF ovens. This ensures an even bake and avoids scrap over a full selection of biscuits, from high bake crackers to the softest cookie.  .

Recirc oven door upgrade kits

Large aperture doors offer ready access for easy cleaning, inspection and maintenance. Maximum insulation means minimal heat loss, improving baking uniformity and increasing energy efficiency.

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