Sheet Forming & Cutting Equipment


Sheet forming and cutting line rebuild options

Level 1: return to original performance levels

Machines are returned to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification. This involves a complete strip down, replacement of worn parts, re-machining of critical areas, and re-assembly to ‘as new’ condition:

  • Replace webs on all machines
  • Replace all scraper blades
  • Inspect roll flanges and replace as necessary
  • Re-cover rubber rolls on rotary cutter
  • Inspect layering carriage, racks and pinion on laminator, and replace as necessary
  • Replace knife on laminator

Level 2: upgrade and improve

This involves all the work involved in Level 1, plus the addition of upgraded parts and / or new technology. These can raise the performance level above that of the original machines, and include:

  • Inspect the gauge rolls and regrind as necessary
  • Replace the control system

Revitalise by rebuilding

Machines nearing the end of their useful life can often be revitalised by rebuilding either on-site, or in a Baker Perkins factory  Rebuilds use proven Baker Perkins Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts so high quality and long life are assured.

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