High Speed Mixers


Specialised parts for High Speed mixers

The design specification of HS mixers goes beyond the anticipated level of duty. The bearing housings and seals are subject to extremely high forces, and operate in demanding conditions: Baker Perkins understands the importance of replacement with robust, appropriate parts. Suppliers without product and process knowledge are unlikely to specify parts that reach the necessary standard.

Why choose Baker Perkins?

Genuine Baker Perkins parts are made to the original specification. They can be fitted without adjustment or modification and provide maximum performance and service life.

Expert advice

Our team of product specialists offers expert advice. They use extensive technical records, and consult design and process technologists to identify the most appropriate original or upgraded part.  The parts we supply always offer the best value for money.

Warranty assurance

All Baker Perkins parts carry a 12-month warranty. They have the re-assurance of full process and technical support from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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