Integrated Mixing and Forming Systems

Design to drive bread quality up and production costs down, Baker Perkins range of dough mixing and forming systems has been well proven in demanding applications around the world. Precise mixing, accurate weight control and gentle dough handling all contribute the achieve these aims…

Multitex4™ Moulder

The Multitex4™ is the final dough-moulding process in a high-output bakery. Gentle dough handling helps to reduce costs while maintaining or improving product quality…

Rounder and First Prover

The Baker Perkins Conical Rounder is a precision engineered rounder that requires very little cleaning or maintenance, Together with the reliable and hygienic Baker Perkins Intermediate Prover, it is a combination that suits a variety of bread applications…

Accurist2.1™ Divider

Sustained accuracy, excellent bread quality and low production costs are the result of the unique way in which advanced control and proven mechanical design are brought together in the Baker Perkins Accurist2.1™ dough divider…

Tweedy™ Mixing Process

Animation detailing the Tweedy™ High Speed Mixer’s effective blending of ingredients and uniform development of bread dough…

Tweedy™ Mixing Systems

The Baker Perkins Tweedy™ range of high output integrated weighing and mixing systems is suitable for most types of bread dough. High-energy mixing and small batches make it ideal for no-time and Chorleywood processes…

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