Low Moisture TVP

TVP for meat substitutes, fillers and extenders

Low Moisture TVP Typical Production Line

SBX Master™ Twin Screw Extruder

Baker Perkins’ versatile SBX Master™ twin-screw extruders provide continuous production at outputs from 250 to 2,500kg/hour, depending on formulation. The TVP is developed in the extruder and the pieces cut to size at the die or with a post-extrusion cutter.

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If drying is required, the product is transferred to a dryer via a takeaway or vacuum conveyor.

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Dry TVP is used as a meat substitute or extender. It is usually supplied as bulk dry ingredients to manufacturers to rehydrate before incorporation into products such as burgers, sausages, meatballs and prepared dishes.

Product choice

Two product types are available:

Conventional dried flakes or chunks, used by food producers as fillers, extenders or substitutes.

A new process for dry fibrated TVP using high protein ingredients creates a product with fibrous structure and firm texture for conventional applications, plus for use as chunks in soups, sauces and ready meals. Cost is lower than with High Moisture Meat Analogues.

Long shelf life

Conventional dry TVP has a long shelf life, and can be manufactured, dried and sold in bulk for processing.

Straightforward extrusion process

For dry TVP a Baker Perkins twin screw cooker extruder is used to form a melt that is extruded through a die and formed/cut into flakes, pellets or chunks before being dried. The extrudate is transferred to a mill to reduce the particle size.

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